Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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Reed Fenton, HIS

The latest hearing aid models offer a wide range of options, features, and functions. Take, for instance, the ability to sync your hearing aids with streaming devices, phone notifications, and even television audio through Bluetooth. This feature transforms the ability of an individual to hear and respond to the world while also using their devices to connect with media as if they were wearing earbuds. 

Functions such as these are incredibly helpful for some people, while others might think they are unnecessary. If features come at an added cost, then it is up to the individual to decide how valuable that feature is, given the available budget. The decision can be tricky when you haven’t been able to try out new features for yourself, and you are left to imagine how much you would appreciate this option in the future. 

Let’s take this opportunity to address rechargeable hearing aids. Although these aids are not necessarily more expensive than some aids that have replaceable batteries, you still might be curious whether you would like to invest in them or not. The following are some of the advantages to using rechargeable hearing devices, as well as the other considerations you might want to consider when it comes to powering your aids. 

Avoiding Inconvenience

Anyone who has used hearing aids with replaceable batteries for a long time will understand the inconvenience of being stuck without a new battery. If you haven’t noticed that your batteries are running low, then you might not have the opportunity to go out and buy new batteries right away. In the meantime, you’re left with dysfunctional aids, and the effects on your ability to communicate and navigate the world can be more than inconvenient sometimes. Rechargeable aids have the benefit that as long as you have your charging station at home, you can charge your aids without making a trip to the store. 

Long-term Cost

In some cases, rechargeable hearing aids might be more expensive, but in order to make that assessment you need to consider the long-term cost of hearing aids with replaceable batteries. Depending how many hours per day you use the aids, you might be replacing those batteries rather regularly, and the cost can add up. What you save in obtaining aids with replaceable batteries might be offset in part or in full by the cost of replacement batteries. 

Manual Dexterity

For anyone who has issues with manual dexterity or arthritis, it can be very difficult to manipulate the tiny battery and compartment in hearing aids. When the time comes to replace that battery, you might find yourself putting it off due to the struggle it causes. You might rely on family members to help you with battery replacement, causing you to wait for the next visit before you can use your aids again. Rechargeable batteries have the benefit of simple use for someone with arthritis or challenges manipulating small objects. 

Reducing Waste

In addition to these personal benefits of rechargeable hearing aids, you are also benefiting the environment by causing less landfill waste. Each piece of trash adds up to a global crisis in waste processing, and batteries should be properly recycled to avoid the added harm of throwing them in with the rest of the garbage. Too many lithium batteries find their way into the landfill, so purchasing hearing aids with rechargeable batteries can be a way to do your part to promote a healthier planet. 

If any of these benefits resonate with you, we can tell you more about the  possibility of rechargeable aids to suit your needs. Although it’s not always the case that these models are available, many people can make the change to rechargeable batteries rather than disposable ones. 

If you are curious to know more about the life changing technology of rechargeable hearing aids, contact us today!