New Year’s Resolution: Get Your Hearing Tested

Reed Fenton, HIS Hearing Loss

Reed Fenton, HIS

Happy New Year! The start of 2020 is an opportunity to change your life and make improvements for years to come. Gyms are packed with people eagerly exercising off the holiday pounds, and health food stores are selling their stock of kale and vitamins. Even drugstores might be watching nicotine patches and gums fly off the shelves at the start of the New Year. Yet, where are these runners in March? When do the bunches of kale turn into bags of candy? As any smoker or coffee addict can attest, changing your life for the better is much more complicated than simply resolving to do so.

Of the many approaches to life improvement, raw willpower tends to be heaped with tasks at the New Year, more than the will can bear alone! Let’s take a look at some approaches to New Year’s resolutions that can last through the year and even well into “the 20’s.”

From Willpower to Habits

Rather than relying on willpower alone, recent research shows that habits are essential in making a lasting life change. Although willpower can take you through the first few steps, habits come alongside to make it possible to continue. Megan Oaten and Ken Cheng are researchers of life-changing behavior at Macquarie University in Australia. They have found that habits come alongside willpower and assist people to change such fundamentals of life as healthy eating, exercise, and breaking addictions to harmful substances. They even found in a recent study that there is a ripple or waterfall effect of one healthy habit and another. Forming a habit to go to the gym can contribute to healthy eating and stopping substance abuse, as well.

Healthy Habit Formation

However, how can we form these new habits? After years of living a different way, it is difficult to do these new activities, especially in a way that can be called “habitual.” One important aspect of a powerful habit is that it doesn’t require any willpower or even conscious thought to complete. Consider your drive from work to home. Do you think about each turn along the way? Do you feel like your willpower has to be put into action to make you turn right on the correct road? Of course not! These habitual actions are completed with inertia, requiring no thought or effort at all. One of the secrets to habit formation is to link the activity you would like to become a new habit to one of these past actions that you do without thinking. Take, for instance, that drive home. If you want to build a habit of going to the gym, perhaps you can store your exercise clothing in the car. When you are in the routine of heading home, you will not need to go back out to the gym again. Instead, you can tweak the habit of driving home into a new habit of driving to the gym for some exercise.

The Healthy Hearing Resolution

These common resolutions of healthy eating, exercise, and quitting the use of addictive substances can feel like swimming upstream, but some other resolutions for your health don’t require habits at all. With one simple action, you can take steps toward your own betterment that can last for years to come: scheduling an appointment for a hearing test! By simply picking up the phone and calling the hearing health professionals at House of Hearing, you will be on the way to improving your life in ways you might not even imagine. From the enjoyment of nature sounds to easy conversations with loved ones, this simple action can lead to a better life without a struggle.

House of Hearing in Arizona

Why not make it your New Year’s resolution to schedule a hearing exam? You can check this resolution off your list as soon as you make the call, and you will find support through the process from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to make your appointment and to start down the road toward healthy hearing once again!