Our Services

Hearing Aid Repair

House of Hearing has an on-site repair lab. We can fix most custom type hearing aids or what are commonly referred to as “in-the-ear” hearing aids. We also fix BTE’s or “Behind-the-Ear” hearing aids.

The turnaround time for in-house repairs is usually a day or two.

In the event that the problem is more severe than what we can handle, we will send it out to a repair lab that is out of state, which usually takes about a week.

We will try to fix any hearing aid regardless of age, but do note that anything over 10 years of age might be more challenging and take more time due to trying to locate parts.

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Hearing Evaluation

If you think you are having hearing issues, we will have you sit in a sound booth made specifically to conduct hearing tests.

We will also ask and have you answer questions regarding family history, work and what type of (if any) issues you may have when you are interacting with other people.

If your hearing test determines that you are a candidate for Hearing Aids, we will go over what is appropriate for the type or severity of your hearing loss.

If your hearing test is different from a normal or “typical” type of hearing loss you will most likely referred to an E.N.T. medical doctor.

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Custom Hearing Protection

We make ear molds, musician molds, and shooters ear plugs.

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